Investing in funds

With Swisscanto investment funds, private investors enjoy all the advantages of professional Swiss asset management even when the sum invested is low.

General advantages of investment funds

  • Spreading the risk: your investment risk is considerably reduced when investing in funds, because with an investment fund you are backing many stocks at the same time
  • Transparency: the value of your fund investment is calculated and published on each trading day
  • Liquidity: you can access your investments at any time
  • Separate assets: in the case of insolvency the fund assets are separated

Risk and return

Investments in funds are subject to capital market risks. By spreading an investment over different funds each investor can get an asset mix that meets individual investment objectives and personal attitude to risk.

Legal basis

All Swisscanto funds are established in Switzerland or Luxembourg. They are authorised by the supervisory authority concerned, according to country and/or investment category. Due to their status as separate assets, investment funds have substantial legal advantages for investors over equities and certificates.

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