Private investors

Swisscanto Invest offers you a wide spectrum of investment funds through which you can invest your money in accordance with your personal requirements. You can count on Swisscanto's performance and experience in dealing with your private investments.

Investing in funds

Whether you are dreaming of financial independence or would like to close gaps in your financial provision, investment funds provide a good basis for building your wealth. Swisscanto Invest offers a broad range of Swiss and Luxembourgian investment funds. At Swisscanto Invest you will find the right funds to meet your investment objectives.

Investment Update

We publish our current market assessments on a monthly basis. The opinions of our professionals give you an important steer for buying into suitable investment funds.

Award-winning funds

Year upon year, our funds receive numerous awards from the most important fund rating agencies. The funds rated as excellent are particularly attractive due to their above average performance.

Investing sustainably

The brand Swisscanto Invest offers a wide range of sustainable funds. We help investors reconcile ethical investment criteria with profit seeking. A socially responsible investor encourages companies to boost practices an environmental, social, and governance issues.

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